Forever Together Yoga

image5Soft music filters through the large room, colorful mats line up like soldiers across the hard wood floor, and dozens of barefoot men and women clothed in yoga pants quietly mingle in small groups.  They’re all waiting for one thing… yoga class.

Since opening the doors of Forever Together Yoga in May, people of all sizes, ages, backgrounds and fitness levels have flocked to the Colby studio on east Fourth Street to take classes offered by Bethanie Williams.

“Anyone can do this,” the 30-year-old mom of two says. “It is adaptable to anybody and any form, depending on what you need.”

Williams knows what she is talking about. The Colby native has been involved with yoga for quite a while. She started dabbling with the ancient form of exercise late in high school, but it wasn’t until she sat in a massage school class that a substitute teacher helped her truly fall in love with it. By the time she had finished school and started a family, Williams had begun teaching classes of her own.

The transition to her owning her own studio seemed like a natural next step.

Last May she opened Forever Together Yoga in a former photography studio. She now teaches stretching, strengthening, breathing and doing what she calls, “finding this moment,” in her own space. She is also finding success at her new location. Williams says the community and support the Chamber offers is part of that success.

“Small businesses need to come together to support each other,” she says. “The Chamber is a great way to do that.”

Williams says the biggest challenge of teaching yoga is teaching people how to breathe and helping them let go of the expectations of the world. Still, there is nothing she would rather be doing.

“Yoga has truly changed my life.”

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