It just takes a little synergy…

handshakeMy mom is a big fan of words… and she tried hard to pass that love along to me and my brothers. Each week, she would present us with a new, big word that we had no chance of knowing. Words like… magnanimous, acumen and promethean.
Week after week she would use the words in sentences, help us with the pronunciation and from time to time even try to help us spell them. Sometimes the words stuck with me, others I can’t remember to this day.
One of the words that stuck was ‘synergy,’ — a fancy word for teamwork.
Several weeks ago, the Colby Police Department called the Chamber office and asked for help with an idea. They wanted to create a safe environment for kids to trick-or-treat on Halloween… and they thought Colby’s downtown would be the perfect place. We couldn’t agree more.
So we set to doing what my mom taught me long ago. We worked together. Chief Ron Alexander, Amy Marks and I walked door to door, visiting with downtown business owners and their employees about Amy’s idea. Before we knew it, we had a bunch of excited businesses stockpiling candy, ready for the big event.
A few weeks and a bunch of fliers later, we had a Downtown Trick-or-Treat program. Something we hope will grow bigger and better with each passing year.
All of it is proof to me that synergy and listening to your mom can bring big remuneration.

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