A way to say… ‘Thanks!’

The Chamber office is a pretty busy place. We have dozens of visitors come by the office on any given day. Some are looking for phone books… others need to find service providers and still more are looking to connect in some way with the community. From my desk, I have a front row seat to watch some of our community’s best and brightest shine.
I am constantly amazed by the selflessness of those that volunteer within our community — often donating hundreds of hours each year to their fellow man. And then there are the business leaders in Thomas County who work hard to lead not only their business, but mentor others and shape the community as a whole in a quest for a strong and stable future in western Kansas.
They’re both invaluable… and that is why every year the Chamber takes a minute to recognize some of these individuals. Included with this newsletter you’ll find nomination forms for the Community Service Award and the Ambassadors Business Person of the Year. We hope you’ll take a minute to sit and jot down the names of the people you think are most worthy of the awards. This year, you don’t have to fill out the paper and mail it back in. You can also go online to ColbyChamber.com/events/award-nominations to let us know about your choice.
Whatever method you choose, we hope you will let us know who you think is making a big difference. We want to do our part in saying thanks.

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