Diederich joins Chamber board

Kathy Diederich loves people.
Old people, young people, middle of the road people… it doesn’t really matter. Kathy just enjoys them.
So when it came time to choose a career she picked a profession that would allow her to help them. The married mother of two started out working in the health profession and later became the administrative assistant at Colby Housing Authority. It is a job she says she loves.
“My co-workers and the people I work with, they make my day,” she laughs.
So it should come as no surprise that one of Kathy’s favorite things about the Chamber is the networking it offers.
“It has gotten our name out there,” she says. “By being in the chamber I have already been able to visit with people and give them a heads up and explain what we do. Then when they have a new employee that needs housing, they can say, ‘Hey, I know where you can have clean, affordable housing.”
Kathy was appointed to the Chamber board in May to fill an open seat.
“I am looking forward to helping businesses make those connections to help them grow,” she says.

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