A place to call home

The year was 1991. George H.W. Bush was fighting for his political career, Terminator 2 was blowing up the box office and an F-5 tornado had just ripped Andover apart.
It was also the year my husband and I first stepped foot in Colby. We were on our way to Manhattan to enroll at K-State. I was a journalism major… Shad was tackling pre-vet. We had only been married a couple of years and I wasn’t so sure about the move. I had never been to Kansas, despite having grown up just across the border in Colorado, but Shad was sure, and I was willing to give it a shot.
On a warm summer day in July, we pulled off of Exit 53 and into town. It was well before the new Walmart and Jimmy Johns. It might have even been before the Oasis Travel Center and Starbucks. I honestly can’t remember what business we stopped at, or what we needed. I just remember the friendly faces and a general feeling that Kansas was a pretty good place to be.
Over the next two decades, we made dozens of trips up and down I-70 on the way to visit our parents, and each trip brought a stop in Colby. First, just for gas… later for a stop at the outlet mall… by the time the kids came along we added potty breaks to the routine.
The welcome we received at K-State that warm summer day set off a love-affair with our alma mater that has lasted more than 25 years, but the welcome we received in Colby helped us find a place to call home.
In a few short weeks my oldest son will head back to class at CCC along with hundreds of other students from across the country. As a parent, I am thankful to have a great college he can attend, so close to home. As a Chamber director, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help welcome all of these kids to town with the same hospitality Shad and I received in Colby all those years ago.
That opportunity will come on August 23 at the CCC Block Party. I hope your business will join us. We have the opportunity to not only tell them about our businesses, we have the chance to spark a love-affair with their future alma mater and introduce them to a place to call home.

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