A glass half full

I’ve always considered myself to be a bit of an optimist… a the-glass-is-half-full kind of gal.
It drives some in my family nuts. They insist life should be looked at realistically, considering some of the pitfalls it has to offer. While I appreciate their point, I just can’t help myself… especially when my view of the glass looks so good.
Take for instance, my insistence that fall is the BEST time of year. Sure… winter is coming. Of course, the temperatures will start dropping, but there won’t be any more days of hunting wasps with bug spray. I am THRILLED.
With all of that in mind, you may want to take what I am about to say with a generous realistic grain of salt, but I can’t help but think there are a lot of really great things going on in our part of northwest Kansas.
Thomas County is set to break ground on the new law enforcement center in a few weeks… the college has not only stepped out of the shadow of the accreditation issue, but their fall enrollment numbers look good, they have cut the ribbon on more dorm improvements and are getting ready to celebrate the library renovation… the city is considering improvements to the Community Building and the Library… Western State Bank is almost done with their new location and Foley Equipment is just starting theirs… Colby Bowl is set to make some exciting changes… the hospital is adding more services and equipment all the time, to improve the health care options for our residents.
Everywhere I look businesses are growing, creative ideas are flowing, and families are flourishing. Life is good in Thomas County, and in my mind, there is a lot to indicate that it is only going to get better from here.

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