Lending a Hand

They were lined up at the door when I walked into the Chamber office on the day before Thanksgiving. Shoppers gathered around the room, patiently waiting for their chance for a deal on Chamber gift certificates. Lottie shuttled the checks through the printer, while Julie and I took turns signing them and adding our raised stamp.
By noon we had sold out of our stash and the cash behind those gift certificates was unleashed into the Thomas County economy.
I’m not sure if they realized it, but as shoppers purchased those gift certificates, they were helping local businesses. Whether someone uses that gift certificate to pay for a new flat screen or an unexpected bill, Chamber gift certificates do one thing really well. They keep local dollars local.
Each year, the Chamber gift certificate program pumps tens of thousands of dollars back into the Thomas County economy… money that may have otherwise been spent in Garden City, Denver or even the world wide web. It is a great way to help building a stronger Colby and Thomas County.
That is just one way area residents are helping their neighbors this holiday season. Another is through the Diplomats’ new Classy Closet. The brand new service offers underprivileged people the opportunity to have job interview-appropriate clothing. So when the opportunity to take that next step pops up, they are ready to take it.
And all it takes to make that dream come true is for you to go through your closet to find gently used job apparel that might make a huge difference for someone in need.
Both of these offer big rewards for Colby and Thomas County. Our money stays here… jobs stay here… and maybe someday that person who was in need, can turn around and help someone else here.
Win. Win.

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