The Member Information Center

Whew! That was a busy month.
January was a full one, with preparations for the Chamber luncheon, tearing down Santa City and setting up our new Member Information Center (MIC).
We’re finally up and running!
It took a little longer than I thought it would to get the MIC in place. It really was just a matter of learning about all this new system could do — and it can do a LOT — but it is finally ready and I couldn’t be more pleased.
We’re already seeing members logging into their accounts and updating their information — giving them the power to control more of what the public learns about them through our website.
You should have discovered a letter from me in your mailbox a few weeks ago with directions on how to use the MIC. If you didn’t get one let me know, because this system is amazing and I don’t want you to miss out.
You’ll find, for example, that you can update not only your business listing, but eventually you’ll be able to post job openings, advertise hot deals, reserve your spot for Chamber events and list your events on our calendar.
And you can do it from your mobile phone too! Our free app — Member Plus will let you do all of those things plus it will send you push notification reminders about Chamber events on your phone or tablet.
We hope you will take full advantage of this great new tool… and be on the lookout for more changes in the coming weeks. There’s more where this one came from.

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