The more things change…

The 2018-19 Chamber board includes in the front row (from left): Martha Brewer, Past-President (Chase Management), Hannah Benyshek (Palace Drug), Brette Hankin, President (Colby Community College), Kathy Diederich (Colby Housing Authority). Second row (from left): Kaylin Wiens (Farmers & Merchants Bank), Chris Halblieb (Adams, Brown, Beran and Ball), Don McKenzie (Colby Lumber), Ron Kaus (Moonlight Gardens Greenhouse), Preston Krzycki (Taco Johns), Cade Carter (State Farm Insurance), Katina Brenn (Colby Public Schools). Not shown: Jarrold Gallentine President-elect (Colby Bowl & Fun Center).

Every April, as the weather warms up and the spring storms start moving in, a change comes over the Colby/Thomas County Chamber of Commerce. A revolution of sorts… a transition… a changing of the guard. You get the idea. April is when a brand new board takes up residence at the Thomas County Office Complex.

I loved my old Chamber board… many of the directors who stepped down in April were the same ones who hired me. They challenged me, encouraged me, and believed in me. They set a pretty high standard in my mind. One that I wasn’t too sure could be topped.
And then my new board stepped in.

Five brand new directors walked into our meeting room in April and are quickly working their way into my heart. Kaylin Wiens (Farmers & Merchants Bank), Don McKenzie (Colby Lumber), Ron Kaus (Moonlight Gardens Greenhouse), Chris Halbleib (Adams, Brown, Beran and Ball) and Katina Brenn (Colby Public Schools) bring with them new ideas, new energy and a fresh perspective that has inspired me to step back and take another look at our big picture… and I like what I see.

I don’t see any massive changes coming this next year, but I do see a continued commitment by our board in serving the Colby and Thomas County business community and encouraging business growth and overall success.

Proof yet again, that the more things change, the more they stay the same… in a good way… especially when you have fantastic people to work with.

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