Job Board

Our newest member benefit

We are always looking for ways to add even more value to your Chamber membership.

A few years ago, we allowed members to start using our bulk permit for their mass mailings. Last year we added the Member Information Center (MIC) to give our members more control over their listing on the Chamber website. (Have you signed up for the MIC yet?)

This year we have something else up our sleeve!

When I sit down and visit with business owners, the most common concern I hear about is how hard it is to fill job openings. Whether it is a lack of experience or a lack of applicants, businesses have a tough time filling their employment needs.

The Chamber is determined to help!

In July, we unveiled my favorite Chamber benefit yet… the Chamber Job Board. This new perk will help local employers reach out to prospective applicants beyond Thomas County’s border. Once you have entered your job listing into the MIC, we’ll take over… advertising the board around not only northwest Kansas, but all around our surrounding states via social media.

We believe it will help employers fill their employment gap — and will help workers find jobs that help pay the bills AND offer them a great place to call home.

It’s a win, win. And we’re not done yet. We’re working on still more Chamber benefits… perks that will help you grow your business and make Colby and Thomas County an even better place to live, work, shop and play.

It is yet another way your Chamber membership is working for you.

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