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Chamber members help new residents feel welcome

They come from all over the country. Some are from neighboring states… brought to town by the promise of work with the pipeline, wind farm or Justice Center building projects. Others are returning home after years of living in other communities… still others pull into town in search of an education or a career start.
No matter their background, when new residents walks into our office with that little green sheet, they all walk out with the same thing… a bucket full of goodies from our member businesses, welcoming them to the community.
When new residents sign up for utilities with the City of Colby, they are handed a flier encouraging them to come to the chamber office and pick up their welcome bucket. Then, when they walk in our door, we present them with a bucket full of free gifts including promotional items and fliers from Chamber member businesses, along with information about the community.
Only members of the Colby/Thomas County Chamber of Commerce can take part in the program. To participate, businesses provide a free gift item for the welcome bucket and one piece of literature about their business. In return, at the end of each month those businesses receive the mailing addresses of the welcome bucket recipients who want more information.
Included in this newsletter is a flier with more information about the program. Participants sign a one-year contract (January – December) with a fee of $225. The program runs the calendar year with contracts being reissued the following December. Bucket items should be turned into the Chamber office no later than December 15.
If you would like more information on the Welcome to Your Oasis program, call our office at (785) 460-3401 or email

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