Julie has been urging me this holiday season to share all that I am thankful for. (Little Merry Christmas Pants is on Thanksgiving overload). Here I thought I had been expressing my thankfulness on a regular basis… and then I went back through a year’s worth of columns. and realized… I haven’t talked about how thankful I am in a really long time.
So, to quiet my co-workers and to rectify the situation, I want to say right here and now, I am SO thankful!
I am thankful for the Ambassadors who help set up the outside of Santa City each year, raise money for scholarships and help us support new Chamber members. I am thankful for the Downtown Business Association that is working so hard to re-energize our downtown shopping district. I am thankful for the Young Professionals who are putting together a group which is looking forward and coming up with amazing ideas to help draw young people to our area.
I am thankful for Leadership Thomas County which is training up the next generation of business leaders. I am thankful for the Colby Diplomats who never cease to amaze me with their hard work and ingenious ideas as displayed in the Sunflower Festival. I am thankful for our Board of Directors who support our office in amazing ways, offering their ideas, time and talents. Their commitment to the Chamber unparalleled.
I am thankful for my two sweet co-workers, Julie Saddler and Megan Roemer, whose loving comments made me sit back and think about all of my blessings during a pretty busy time. Seeing all of the support that surrounds me each day in this job makes me thankful indeed.
But most of all… I am thankful for my family. When I signed on with the Chamber, I don’t think they realized just how much work I would ask them to do. My kids spent the better part of their Saturday after Thanksgiving helping us set up Fike Park… dragging boxes out of storage, stringing electrical cords and pounding stakes in the ground. They froze their keesters off and didn’t complain (much.) My husband spent two nights with me after work this week, helping put on the finishing touches…. and they pitch in for every event!
The Fike Park decorations wouldn’t have come together without a bunch of really self-less people. I am thankful for committee members – LaDonna Sloan, Sean Youngman and Christina Beringer – along with dozens of volunteers, who are helping us put this parade and park lighting together. The park looks amazing. I can’t wait for you to see it.
I think you’ll be thankful too.