I don’t think any of us expected March to end this way.
We knew back at the end of February that we needed to practice social distancing and wash our hands more than normal, but honestly, did any of us see COVID-19 affecting western Kansas quite so dramatically and quickly? We didn’t.
Late last month our staff began working from home. A ton of thought went into the decision. In the end, we decided that we could practice social distancing more effectively and take care of our families’ changing needs (i.e… caring for elderly parents and our kids) from home, while still bringing you all the benefits of Chamber membership.
But while we would be working from home, we were determined to not really go anywhere, and we believe we have succeeded. In fact, you may have noticed that you’re hearing from us more regularly than ever!
In the first two weeks that we have been ‘out of the office,’ we have still held our regularly scheduled meetings (via Zoom), answered dozens of calls regarding the changing business landscape, started a new regular meeting for nonprofits to help them help others, helped downtown businesses come up with an after-pandemic plan and we’ve sent our membership more than a dozen emails with the latest information from the federal, state and local governments regarding their response and assistance to the pandemic. Not too shabby.
The best part is, we’re still here to answer your questions and find answers. Need someone to show you how to conduct a video conferencing call? We can handle that. Not sure where to look for the latest KDHE regs for dealing with COVID-19. We’ve got you covered. Want someone to brainstorm marketing ideas with you. We’re here for you.
We’re here to answer questions. We’re here to brainstorm with you. We’re here to help train you. Whatever you need… we will continue to help or to find someone who can, just like we always do. It is what we do best.
At this point, you too have probably either moved your office home or taken steps to protect yourself and your workers from COVID-19 exposure. In the next 11 pages you’ll find tips, tools and resources to help you and your business thrive in the days and weeks to come. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, call us. It’s what we’re here for.

Chamber working to help your business thrive during pandemic