Well, that was a long month!
By the time you read this our stay-at-home order will have been lifted and most of you will be back at work… inching your way toward some sort of routine.
No one really knows how long it will be before everything gets back to normal… if there is such a thing anymore. I try to lean optimistic, so I’m going to say this is all going to be a distant memory before we know it. At least I hope so.
At the Chamber we’re still not quite back to normal. Our first step will be getting the three of us back into the office. It just may be a little while yet before we can do that.
I am writing this article from my home office. Right now the plan is to keep working remotely until the county opens up the office complex again to visitors. We’ll re-evaluate our status each week. In the meantime, Megan thought it would be fun if I shared ten things I have learned in the last six weeks. So, here you are… my lessons from the COVID lock-down.

  1. The fridge is WAY too close to my office door.
  2. My teenage children are quieter in theory than in reality.
  3. Dogs don’t care if you are on a Zoom meeting. There is always an imaginary squirrel to scare away.
  4. Laundry still piles up, even when you are wearing pajama pants most of the time.
  5. When you’re working from a home office, the workday NEVER ends at 5 p.m.
  6. Home improvement projects take ten times longer than you imagined in your mind.
  7. Keeping three teenagers at home is truly worse than herding cats. (The fourth is living with college friends.)
  8. An hour in the real Chamber office to check mail will always turn into a full day because it is just so deliciously quiet.
  9. It is VERY easy to lose track of the days. My internal default is Saturday morning.
  10. While Microsoft Teams is helpful, it just isn’t the same as being in the same room.

Hopefully the three of us will be back in the same space soon. In the meantime, we can still help you by Zoom, do an old fashioned phone call or even meet in person for an appointment at the Chamber office — whatever works best for you.
And I promise to leave my dogs and cats at home.