It’s not something we usually talk about at the Chamber, but I think it is something we need to discuss this month.
I’m not talking about the faith kind of grace, although I am more than happy to discuss that too. The kind of grace I am interested in right now is the kind that we offer to each other even if we don’t agree on things.
Say, for example, your community is dealing with something like, well… a pandemic.
There are all kinds of things that come with a plague that attack the sense of community… fear and bravado, the great mask debate, guarding that six feet of distance and trying to figure out who attended what event and brought this thing home in the first place.
I understand those concerns. I really do, but what I grasp even more is that a truly healthy community is built on trust and understanding and yes, grace.
My friend… let’s offer that grace to each other in buckets this year. Let’s not get caught up in accusations and assumptions. Let’s not label people as paranoid or heartless. Let’s stay away from pointing fingers and name-calling.
Let’s stick with what we do well.
Encouragement. Support. Working together. Moving forward.
The one thing that has impressed me (as a transplant Thomas County-an) during the last eight years, is how forward-thinking this community is. We’re engaged… we’re dynamic… and we are so incredibly generous when it come to lending a hand.
Let’s keep doing that.
Let’s work together. Let’s get rid of COVID and start rebuilding our local economy so our businesses can thrive and we can put this pandemic in 2020’s rear view mirror.
Because quite frankly, my friends, I don’t think there is anything any of us want more right now than to wave this pandemic goodbye.