It has been a year since the Colby/Thomas County Chamber launched a new membership benefit . . . health insurance.
We are excited to share with you a note from one of the participants of the Southwest Kansas Chamber Association Health Plan. One of the largest members of the health plan is Compass Behavioral Health, who is headquartered in Garden City, but also has offices in Dodge City, Scott City and Ulysses. They currently have 140 employees enrolled in our chamber health plan and thus far could not be happier to be a part of this community effort to bring a change to what most, if not all businesses, are experiencing with regard to employee health benefits.
Compass Behavioral Health Executive Director, Lisa Southern says, “Changing to this plan was a huge leap for us as a company. We strongly believe in thinking outside of the box and were really just fed up with the annual increases in premium costs of our traditional insurance carrier, which also led to increases in deductibles and out of pocket expenses for our employees. Every year, it was a lose/lose situation for our employees, but with this program, 2020 has been a win/win.” Lisa is thrilled to be an advocate for this program and has offered to speak with anyone who is even remotely interested in participating. She can be reached by calling (620) 276-7689.
The chamber is hopeful for a long term, sustainable program, and firmly believe that with the partners we have to make it happen, we can diligently provide to our membership and community a health insurance option that will be around for years to come.
To help make this program thrive even more than it has just in this first year, we need all the help we can get from our community businesses. The more chamber businesses that join us, the better off the entire program will be for everyone involved. We understand the pain that comes from the ever-increasing costs of health insurance, but just like Lisa mentioned, by partnering with the chamber in this effort, there is an opportunity to create a win/win for our communities.
Mary Shoaff from Vision Source of Colby (also Goodland, Burlington, Atwood, St. Francis, and Oakley) says;
“We have been very happy with our new health insurance! The coverage, deductibles, prescription coverage and payment turnaround has been great. The addition of an HSA option has been welcomed by our employees too. We have employees in multiple states and this insurance covers them all. As an employer, we’re very grateful to be able to offer this insurance to our employees.”

Please, if you are even slightly interested, we want to encourage you to come with us as we move toward our first year’s renewal, January 1, 2021. There is zero obligation to participate, so what will it hurt to walk alongside us to create positive change for our communities? Lastly, please remember that the chamber is hosting a community update September 30th at noon and 6 p.m. at the Thomas County Office Complex meeting room, where you will hear directly from our benefits advisor, President/CEO of Heartland Benefits Group, Joshua Sapp. Should you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to contact him directly by phone at (316)-670-2856 or by email at We look forward to continuing to serve you all in this capacity!

Southwest Kansas Chambers of Commerce
Health Insurance Program
Health insurance designed exclusively for Chamber Members
Current Chamber members in the communities of Colby, Dodge City, Garden
City, Grant Co., Hugoton, Liberal, and Scott City are eligible for enrollment. Any
business who joins the chamber outside of the open enrollment period may complete
a health questionnaire and be considered for coverage.
The annual open enrollment period will take place from Nov. 1st to Dec. 31st.
If a business is interested in enrollment but their current plan renews at a different
time, they will need to submit health questionnaires for all employees no earlier
than 3 months and no later than 2 months, prior to renewal.
Because this plan is 100% ACA compliant, each employer is required to contribute
50% of the most economical single option plan offered toward the employees
premium. If the employee chooses one of the family options, the employer is
only required to pay 50% of the most economical single option toward that family
The participation percentage required is 65% of the full time (30+hrs per week)
eligible employees for the employer to be able to offer coverage. Waivers do not
count against your participation total. If an employee has coverage elsewhere and
they elect not to participate, they do not count against the total participation percentage.
We offer 5 different coverage options, as well as 3 different prescription options
in which each employee can choose to create a combination that best meets their
needs. Standard exclusions for care and prescriptions apply. Preventative care,
well-woman check-ups, and man checks are 100% covered. Individuals with
pre-existing conditionas are also covered, per ACA federal requirements.
Visit for Kansas providers and for
nationwide button to change this text.