For years, employers have provided benefits for employees and planned those benefits to meet the needs of the employees and their families. The challenge for employers is that healthcare has become much more specialized and variable while benefit programs have adhered to a more onesize-fits-all model.

Due to evolving benefit needs of employees and their families, the Colby/Thomas County Chamber along with the Southwest Kansas Chamber Alliance (SKCA) wanted to be progressive in providing additional Chamber benefits to assist employers. By offering a health benefit plan, SKCA continues supporting employers in their efforts to stay economically strong and competitive in the marketplace, keeping employers and employees in the community.


  • The employer must be a current member in good standing for at least 60 days, of at least one participating Chamber of Commerce, prior to Effective Date of coverage.
  • Each employer must have a minimum of 65% of eligible employees participating (after Qualified waivers). Minimum group size is one if they are a sole proprietor.
  • Completed Health Questionnaires are required from each employee in order to qualify. Following underwriting, the premium rates will be supplied. Each employer that chooses the SCKA Health Benefit Plan is required to submit Employee Enrollment/Waiver Applications from each employee.
  • The PLAN’s renewal date is January 1st of each calendar year. Regardless of when enrollment is completed, any changes to the PLAN rates and/or benefits will take place on January 1st. Open enrollment (the ability to add employees who waived coverage or dependents which had previously waived) is the month of November and December of each year for each participating employer (subject to HIPAA qualifying event rules).
  • Premium Contributions are made by the employer directly into the Trust Account and are used as described in the Trust Document, Summary Plan Description and Plan Declaration. The Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees, elected as described in the Trust Document.
  • Employer must contribute a minimum of 50 percent of the single premium of the most affordable plan option of each employee’s premium, Paying too little for employee’s premium may have tax implications under the ACA (for applicable large employers).