You might want to get here early.
The Colby/Thomas County Chamber of Commerce will be holding a one day Pre-Thanksgiving Day Sale on Chamber gift certificates to help Christmas budgets stretch a little farther. The last few years our stash of gift certificates sold out quickly.
“Shoppers realized those savings can add up quickly,” says Chamber CEO, Tamara Clymer. “It is a great way to get something extra for others… or even a little something for yourself this holiday season.”
Whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for a loved-one, a holiday bonus for employees or a gift for a co-worker, Chamber gift certificates are a great way to give. And they are easy to use. Chamber gift certificates can be used at any Thomas County business and are good for purchasing quality merchandise, food and services.
Shoppers can visit the Chamber office between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., on Wednesday, November 25 to get their hands on $25 gift certificates for just $20 a piece. (Limit of five $25 gift certificates per family.)
For more information on Chamber gift certificates and the upcoming Pre-Thanksgiving Day sale, please call the Chamber office at (785) 460-3401 or email



Q. Where can I use the gift certificate?

A. Chamber gift certificates can be used at any Thomas County business.

Q. What should I do when a customer uses a Chamber gift certificate?

A. Chamber gift certificates work just like a personal check. You can endorse and deposit them into your financial institution just as you would a check. If the transaction is smaller than the amount of the gift certificate, you can simply give the customer cash back or store credit.

Q. Do gift certificates have an expiration date?

A. Yes. In accordance with Kansas law, the gift certificate is good for five years from the date it is issued.