This place is awesome! I wish our town dad one of these! What great hospitality! Tell us about grain bins! You have been so helpful!  –  People who have come to our Visitor Center.

I need to share with you how proud I am of our Visitor Center. Ralph Fisher and all the wonderful volunteers have made our grain bin one of the best visitor centers in Kansas.

This has been a rough year, we closed the visitor’s center for six weeks and have had to adapt to all the changes so we can keep everyone safe. We installed Plexi glass, added a sanitizing station, and put cleaning procedures in place for after the Visitors leave. We also provide Masks for the public. So far, we have had no illnesses that can be attributed to us.

January is usually one of our slower months, unfortunately this month is even more so. Needless to say, our numbers have been down, but not as much as I feared it could.

I’m still amazed when local people tell me they have never been there. Not only do we promote Colby, but all of Kansas as well. We have to get people to come to Kansas before they will come to Colby. In tourism, we found if we all promote all parts of the state it benefits all. However, we tend to brag about Colby first.

So, my point to this is, now is a perfect time to go to see the Visitor Center. Let us tell you about all the outdoor activities that are available not only here but all over the state. Let us help you plan a safe get away, whether it is a week or a weekend we can help.

Come and see us!

Have a good month.