Vernon’s Voice – Getting in more practice

Vernon’s Voice – Getting in more practice

It’s been 28 days since many of you began your New Year’s resolutions. How many days has it been since you missed a day or some expectation that derailed your resolution? Many times people see resolutions as a do or don’t sort of thing. If you’re still doing it you’re golden. If you’re not, then you’ve failed. Once we see it as failure it’s more often than not discarded and “maybe I’ll try again next year.”

As we begin a new month, let’s do something different. Instead of calling it a resolution, call it a practice. Just like with trying a new sport, cooking new recipes, or even a new skill we practice.

What was it so many of our elders told us growing up? “Practice makes perfect.” Just because we fail one day, we can get right back on that proverbial horse and keep practicing.

While most new year’s resolutions, or now practices, are focused on self improvement let’s also think in terms of our businesses. What are things you want to improve in your own business that with concerted practice can make you a master of it? Maybe you’re someone that loves the work, but hates the paperwork. Why not practice setting aside the same time each week to keep on top of it? Whatever it is, the more times you practice the more likely you are to make it a habit.

I’d also like to encourage each of you to think about some practice you could enshrine for those around you. What is it that with a little more effort would have a significant impact on the betterment of your family, your coworkers, and your community? When I look at some of the big accomplishments in the last decade across Thomas County, most were done so because of the efforts of a focused group.

Many things are happening in our communities and by continuing to practice together our legacy as a progressive, forward thinking part of Northwest Kansas will continue. We have many challenges facing us that are not going to be conquered overnight. Even so, instead of simply thinking about it, why not step forward with your ideas? Pick that one thing you’d love to see happen and I am confident you’ll find others to join you.

What are you going to practice this month? Let me know what you’re practicing and maybe you won’t have to practice alone. I bet you’re not the only one trying to conquer that pile of paperwork!


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