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Mission Statement

We serve as a catalyst for business success, which promotes community prosperity.



The Colby/Thomas County Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of business and professional men and women who have joined together for the purpose of promoting the civic and commercial progress of our community.

The Colby/Thomas County Chamber is designed to improve the overall business climate for members through implementation of programs and services which stimulate economic growth and enhance the quality of life in Thomas County.



1. To promote an appreciation of the free enterprise system.
2. To coordinate the efforts of commerce, industry and the professions in maintaining and strengthening a sound and healthy business climate in Thomas County.
3. To sponsor aggressive programs of work and stimulate activities that will provide for full development and employment of our human and economic resources.
4. To provide creative business leadership and effective coordination of all interested parties in solving community problems and in initiating constructive community action.
5. To create broad understanding and appreciation of the great opportunities in Thomas County and to promote the advantages and assets of our community within the area, the state and nation.


What is the Colby/Thomas County Chamber of Commerce?

  • We are a city and countywide federation of business firms and organizations, both large and small, dedicated to the economic progress and the preservation of a sound business climate.
  • We are an umbrella organization, representing over 200 members, individuals, businesses, industries, and professionals.
  • We are a good old-fashioned face-to-face, person-to-person networking tool essential for doing business.
  • We are governed by a Board of Directors of 12 leaders representing nearly all sections of business who determine Chamber policy and annually elect the officers to lead the organization.
  • We have a professional staff working from the headquarters office at 350 S Range in Colby to implement the policies established by the Board.
  • We are responsive to the ever-changing needs of the Colby/Thomas County business community as expressed through the work of the Chamber committees and the decisions of the Chamber Board of Directors
  • We are working together with Thomas County Economic Development Alliance and The Colby Convention and Visitors Bureau towards the growth, promotion and success of Thomas County.