Gift Certificates


Let the Colby/Thomas County Chamber of Commerce do your shopping for you. Chamber Gift Certificates are a great way to give, and can be used to purchase goods and services at many Thomas County businesses. They can be spent for quality merchandise, food and services at retail shops, service providers and restaurants. In order to ensure that your gift certificates are ready in time for the holidays, please call us or stop by with your order at your earliest convenience.

While Chamber Gift Certificate sales are booming, the number of questions the Chamber is receiving about how to use and accept them has also increased. Here are answers to some of the most Frequently Asked

Questions about the gift certificates:

Q: Where can I use the certificates?
A: Chamber Gift Certificates can be used at almost any Thomas County business.
Q: How much does it cost to participate in the program and is my business eligible to accept Chamber
Gift Certificates?
A: All Thomas County businesses are included in the Chamber Gift Certificate program free of charge. Therefore you are eligible to accept the Chamber Gift Certificates. If your business would prefer not to participate in the program, contact the Chamber office at 460-3401.
Q: What should I do when a customer pays with a Chamber Gift Certificate?
A: A Chamber Gift Certificate works just like a personal check. (Accepting a gift certificate is slightly safer than accepting a personal check because the Chamber has assumed the risk of non-payment by the customer rather than placing that risk on you!) You can endorse and deposit the gift certificate in your financial institution just as you would a check. There is no need to have the customer sign or endorse the check. If the transaction is smaller than the amount of the gift certificate, you can simply give the customer cash back.
Q: Is there an expiration date on gift certificates?
A: In accordance with House Bill 2658 passed by the Kansas legislature in 2006, the gift certificate is good for five years from the date of purchase.