As I write this, the temps are dropping and a cup of hot chocolate sits on my desk dotted with tons of little marshmallows. I am also wrapped up in my Chamber jacket that I slipped on when I went out to scrape the ice off my windshield this morning.
They are both sure signs that winter is coming. It also signals it is time for me to grab that cup of hot cocoa and sit down with the list of goals I set up for myself last year to see how I’ve done.
I tend to be a bit competitive (not at all shocking to anyone who knows me)… goal and performance oriented… an Enneagram 3. It means I have a tendency to make goals and compete against myself to see how much I can accomplish. I am fun that way.
The goals I set this year are things that I would personally like to accomplish in the Chamber office. Things like helping the Diplomats, Ambassadors and Young Professionals expand their impact in the community. I’d really like to increase the open rate on our emails and add more followers to Instagram… and I need to do a better job of communicating with our members. Little things that can make a big difference.
But after I write my goals down, I tend to lose them. I’ll save them in a Word document and then jot them down on a sticky note and slap them on my computer monitor so I can keep any eye on them. But they often get caught on the backside of a newsletter or event program and get tossed in a pile, never to be seen again. Out of sight. Out of mind.
When I go back to that Word document, it is amazing how many times I have completely forgotten what was so important to me the year before.
This year I tried something different. Megan and I keep track of our to do lists in an online work management tool. It does a great job of keeping me on task, so I plugged in my goals. Every morning they pop up in front of me… reminding me of what I find to be the most important things.
I am happy to say this year I’m doing a much better job of reaching those self-imposed goals. (It feels so good to win.)
Do you set goals for yourself? For your company? If not, I would encourage you to try. They are great at helping you stay on track, because once you know where you’re going, you get a much better idea of how to get there.
And they give you a great gauge to show how far you have come in the last year… which for a competitive Enneagram 3 is better than a cup of hot chocolate with extra marshmallows.