The Chamber office is a pretty busy place. Dozens of visitors stop by on any given day. Some looking for phone books, others need to find service providers and still more are looking to connect with the community. Our office offers a front row seat to watch some of our community’s best and brightest shine.

There are the selflessness volunteers — those within our community who often donate hundreds of hours each year to their fellow man. And then there are the business leaders in Thomas County who work hard to lead not only their business, but mentor others and shape the community as a whole in a quest for a strong and stable future in western Kansas.

They’re all invaluable and that is why every year the Chamber takes the opportunity to recognize some of these great individuals.

The Colby Ambassadors, Colby Diplomats, the Young Professionals and Colby/Thomas County Chamber Board are now accepting nominations for the annual awards. Below you will find a nomination form for the Business Woman of the Year, Up and Coming Young Professional, Community Service Award and the Business Person of the Year. We hope you’ll take a moment to let us know who you think is making a big difference. We want to do our part by saying thanks.

The winner will be announced by the Colby/Thomas County Chamber later this spring.   All nominations are due to the Chamber office by Friday, February 26, 2021. 

Please keep the following criteria in mind and then use the form below to make your nominations.

Business Person of the Year Award – The Colby Ambassadors are looking for people with good business management skills, a positive attitude – both personal and public, and overall professionalism.

Business Woman of the Year – The Chamber Diplomats are accepting nominations for the Business Woman of the Year award. They are looking for a nominee that has distinguished herself in the community, her profession, established herself as a leader and public servant, and contributed to the personal success of others while creating positive social change.

Community Service Award – Community service is defined in the broadest terms of contribution to youth, adults, senior citizens, etc., through organizations or as individuals, who give unselfishly beyond their normal duties and/or responsibilities. Nominees must be nominated for non-paid volunteer hours.

Up & Coming Professional of the Year – The Young Professionals are looking for someone between the ages of 21-35 that has distinguished themselves by being active in the community, cultivating personal and professional relationships, and contributing to the economic development of Colby and Thomas County.